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Julian & Karen Hussey Dip FD NAFD, Jasmine & George Hussey Dip FD NAFD,

Jerry Parkhouse, Matthew Lucas and Darren Holt Dip FS BIFD Meet the team…


Funeral Vehicles

We own a fleet of Mercedes hearses, limousines and cars, but can also source more individual transportation for you.

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Service Rooms

We have service rooms available for religious or non-religious ceremonies. We can also provide a catering service.

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Green Funerals

Green funerals and woodland burials are available. We also sell coffins made from willow and other natural materials.

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Tell Us Once

When someone dies you can use the 'Tell Us Once' service that will notify all the relevant authorities of their passing.

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CMA Standard Price List

All disbursements are charged at cost. We do not ask for any payment in advance for any of our services.

Please bear this in mind when comparing us to others.

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